The concept of the Mosquitos

The Mosquitos are unique in British R ‘n’ B. Made up from a pool of musicians, The Mosquitos transcend the standard R ‘n’ B format, pushing the boundaries of what they play to new, and dare I say exciting, heights of musicianship and musical enjoyment. This approach has not always been popular with serious R ‘n’ B fans and because of this the Mosquitos have always drawn from a wider audience of music fans.

The idea for the band was Nick Rowbotham’s, back in 1978. The original concept, which still works today, was to use musicians of various musical backgrounds and experience to work with original material and classic R ‘n’ B tunes. Based around Nick’s vocals and harmonica, a selection of musicians will be put together based on who is available at the time,  for example, Nick Rowbotham, guitarists Steve Aaron and Steve Walwyn from traditional R ‘n’ B, with bass player Horace Panter from ska/2-Tone and drummer Rick Medlock from a jazz funk and experimental background. This gives an edge to the music that most bands will never achieve. An alternative line-up might include blues/rock guitarist Baz Eardley and fiddle player Martin Bell whose roots lie in electric folk. Rehearsals are kept to a minimum which also adds to the excitement of the music played.

The Mosquitos started gigging again in 2011. Once a year, when Nick returns from his home in Thailand, the call goes out to see who is available. The first year the Mosquitos performed for a month, the next year two months and in 2014 it’s certainly three months, and possibly four, as the gigs pour in. Locally they have started to generate huge interest which is starting to spread to a wider area and fan base.

So come and join the malarky that is The Mosquitos!

horace ans Steve A