Welcome to the MOSQUITOS

Have you ever woken up with bullfrogs on your mind? I certainly haven’t and neither have the Mosquitos. “That’s as maybe,” as they say. The word ‘bullfrog’ is, however, an all-consuming term in this context – an interpretation for whatever the listener cares to interject. Perhaps the song should be called ‘Did you ever wake up with the Social Security at your door?’ – a far more relevant phrase, you would surmise! But that is too specific. What about the rent that's due; the new overhead camshaft for the Cortina; the hire-purchase payments for the washing machine? Problems of today.

The same fears and pressures experienced decades ago, ensconced in the feelings of new industrial America, and eradicated in the bars and back rooms of those same towns.

Now; transported through time and technology, those feelings – still morphologically correct - have been given new meaning.

The Mosquitos recognise these problems - and what is it they do, you ask? They get pissed. A tragically simple escape? No! They have found a way of ridding themselves, and others, of this lingering despondency in the souls of man. They have found a goal to aim for, a figurehead of their own making. This aim, revered in such circles, is called The Mallarky.

‘A fierce Mallark’, as it is colloquially known, is indeed a heavenly thing – a state of body and mind transported into ecstasy by a devastating combination of best bitter and 12-bar blues. But yet, these are ordinary men, faced with the same problems as you or I, but transcending these gloomy depths on most evenings and sharing the experience with those who would care to participate.

The Mosquitos are giants in the Lounge Bar of life, legends in their own drinking-up time, and their music exorcises doubt from our souls, exploded like squeezed pimples by the dirty fingernails of this raucous music! The Mosquitos are very definitely not just another band!

Arthur Spoge
Cubbington Daily Advertiser

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